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Fermented Vidalia Onion, Serrano, and Shallot, part 1

Cook is excited about his new fermentation jar.  Tonight, he started his first fermentation project.

What You’ll Need:

An airlocked fermentation jar (available at Cultures For Health) or Mason jar

Meat tenderizer or kraut hammer



Three or four Vidalia onions

Four Serrano peppers

Six shallots

Two bay leaves

Cumin seeds



Chunk the Vidalias, peppers, and shallots.  Mix with salt in a large bowl, and spend a few minutes macerating until the salt is mixed in and the juices start to release.  

If you have an airlocked fermentation jar, make sure it is clean, prep the airlock, and fill the jar with the macerated onions, peppers, and shallots, layering the bay leaves and cumin seeds.  Top with a brine of 2 cups water and four Tbsp. salt.  Make sure to leave 1-2” headspace, and try to make sure the brine covers the mixture.

If you’re using a Mason jar, DO NOT screw on the rim.  Weigh the cap down with a weight or rock to allow pressure to escape.  Otherwise, follow the same procedures as with the airlocked jar. 

Cook plans to ferment for 5-7 days.  Updates to follow.  For now, here’s the jar:


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